What is lock-in period in a contract and what is its sanctity?

Lock-in period is a very important clause in the contract that indicates the time period within which the parties cannot terminate the contract. Usually, such contracts are accompanied by penalty clauses that have to be borne by the party that chooses to discontinue the contract by terminating it within the lock-in period. Every Lock-in period […]

Prevention of Sexual Harassment in a workplace

The Indian Society has seen various changes over years. One major change society saw is the ratio of women working in various sectors. However, women still have had to fight various barriers in order to have a safe working environment and it won’t be wrong to say the barriers still have not disappeared completely. Sexual […]

Know everything about patent laws

The concept of protecting intellectual properties arose from the need to protect a person or entity’s creations. Intellectual Property Laws are designed in such a way that they not only protect these creations but also help the creator ensure that they seek appropriate rewards for them by commercializing or monetizing them. Patents are one of the […]

When can one initiate an arbitration proceeding?

When the resolution of disputes through courts became lengthy and time taking, the process of arbitration was introduced. There are way too many commercial transactions that are entered into, which lead to innumerable disputes, and not too many courts are available to resolve these disputes. Alternative dispute resolution was introduced as, as the name suggests, […]

How to get a decree in civil cases executed

There are several different types of orders of the court – and you might get confused between the technicalities of what an order, a decree, a judgment, etc. means and entails. A Decree is the full and final observation/judgment that is passed by the Court of Law after adjudicating the disputes between the parties. While […]

Rights and ownership of Copyrighted work in the digital age

Intellectual Property laws were ideated and meant for innovators and creators. The objective of this set of laws was to ensure protection for any creative output of an individual or an entity.  While other types of IP laws protect other forms of creations, Copyright ownership gives the owner the exclusive right to use the work they […]

Basics of protecting personal information

What is PI, what is protected, Rights of a data subject, duties of a company dealing with data;  Data protection has become one of the biggest concerns for all involved stakeholders – businesses, individuals, and the state. With the advent and increasing use of technology, companies have been able to collect a massive amount of […]

How to choose the best brand name for your business

With the ever-growing importance of marketing, branding becomes an essential part of a company’s growth map. Companies are spending a substantial chunk of their budget, trying to market their brand name, reach more people, have more visibility. Since a brand name is literally your company’s identity, promoting and protecting it is obviously cardinal.However, even in doing […]